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My name is Chi. I am a UK-based medical doctor and creative writerAlthough my passion for health took me into a career in medicine,I have been writing creatively since childhood. 


I started developing The BlackScript whilst working as a Junior Doctor in ITU, during the 2020 COVID pandemic. During a busy and stressful period for us all, creative writing was a great outlet and stress reliever!

"Abstract Storytelling?!"

The BlackScript is a body of short stories that I have written.  They are designed to make you think!- How and why?

The stories  explore fictional (and occasionally non- fictional) human experiences. They are written in a way that is often open to interpretation! At the end of each piece I ask you 3 questions to get you thinking!


I hope this body of work and growing community will be a "time out" for you to escape (stress) and explore (self)! 

The story

"Growing community?!"

Reading (and writing) is a great opportunity to connect with others through shared creativity and discussion. 


I invite you to share your experience of these stories through The BlackScript reading community.  This is a safe space to reflect on how your life experience influences your interaction with the world around you!


I'm always looking for deeper and broader conversation! Let's connect.

DM me: @the_blackscript (instagram)

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