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The BlackScript Returns

Chiugo Ike

9 Dec 2021

This December, The BlackScript returns with exciting new projects and events. I’m really excited to show you what you can get involved in this new year, so keep reading!

Hi Storytellers!

So where has The BlackScript been? You may have noticed that The BlackScript has not been as active on social media. This is because it has been an important period of time to further establish the direction of the platform in line with my vision as founder but also in line with what current supporters and those currently engaging would like to see. As a community it has always been important to me to incorporate both mine and your ideas!

In May 2021, I sent out The BlackScript Survey on social media. Nearly 50 users participated overall including users from the USA and Canada, UK, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica and South Africa. This was extremely insightful and has been instrumental in helping to direct the platform’s projects for the future, so thank you to all those who took the time to participate!


The BlackScript blog has always been central to the community and has been a way of publishing member’s work on this platform. At the beginning, many of you were sending in work to be published and promoted on social media. Now, I invite you to collaborate as writers on The BlackScript blog, allowing you to plan and post your own content. I am excited for you to build up a following and a readership from other community members by using this platform to showcase your incredible work. What’s more, I am still going to be choosing the most interesting pieces of work to feature on social media and to feature on the site for guests access! Many of you expressed the wish to publish your work formally in print. This is something I continue to work towards for this community as I believe there is always space for people of colour in literary spaces.


Following on from opening the blog to all paid members, I will be inviting members to contribute to hosting rooms each month as part of our virtual meeting calendar. What does this mean? One of the most important aspects of The BlackScript is a sense of connection and community. This is something you expressed in The BlackScript Survey. The ‘Rooms’ facillitate virtual meet up sessions that can be hosted by BlackScript members to lead, teach and discuss topics important to them. This can include storytelling and writing tutorials, discussions about culture, language and important events in racial history. This is a really impactful and important space where members can impart and receive knowledge from each other and explore different experiences. These sessions are FREE for members and can be accessed by the public at a fee.

Of course, I will also be hosting rooms to discuss topics important to this community as well as fun sessions such as our upcoming book club! Make sure you check out what is on!


In January 2021, I produced a 2 part series featuring friends of the platform, who discussed and relayed their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was an impactful insight into the experiences of the British community during 2020. I will be continuing to produce episodes promoting the work of BlackScript members and the artists behind them. I will be exploring the theme of identity, starting with an incredible poem written by Mabel Osejindu, a storyteller, writer and teacher based in the UK. If you are also interested in being a part of The BlackScript podcast, please contact me on


This January, I will be hosting The BlackScript’s first face to face storytelling and launch event in London, UK. This will be a night of live performances, creative storytelling and cocktails so make sure you subscribe to the mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out on when tickets go live!

If you’re not in the UK don’t worry! You can still connect with the community through The BlackScript Connect which is a series of groups made by members, for members to discuss common interests! Members are able to create and invite other members to groups to build networks of interest! This might be a writers group, a hot topic currently in the news or something totally different! I’m excited to see what you come up with!

Thanks for reading! To keep up to date with the latest BlackScript news and events, please subscribe to our mailing list! 

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