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Nurturing ‘Self’ Through Reflective Writing

Join a community of people of colour who are developing the tools to create lives with more control, self-awareness and introspection.


My name is Chiugo

I am a UK-based medical doctor, an Igbo (Nigerian) woman, and a creative writer.

Welcome to The BlackScript!

I have been writing creatively since childhood. Although my passion for health took me into a career in medicine, it is without a doubt that writing has continued to be a vital outlet for what is a very busy and stressful career.

I started developing The BlackScript whilst working in a busy intensive care unit in London during the 2020 COVID pandemic. It was also a time when there was a harsh spotlight placed on racial inequality worldwide. It was a very turbulent time for people worldwide, but particularly for people of colour.

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 As a clinician, I recognise that racial inequality extends to higher rates of poor mental health amongst communities of colour. Hundreds of studies on creative writing have demonstrated a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.


 As a writer, I have experienced this positive impact but as a doctor I want to share this with you.

The BlackScript is a safe space to learn a form of creative writing called reflective writing. Reflective writing promotes deeper self awareness & a more positive approach to life by recognising the impact of our experiences on our internal environment (Self).

The BlackScript is a space to connect with other like-minded people of colour, who are on the same journey and who you can share your experiences with as you progress as a reflective writer.

Why Should You Join?

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Members’ group

Meet new people who are open to deeper and more thoughtful discussions about life’s big questions.



Take control of life’s everyday ups and downs. You will be guided to develop patterns and strategies to lead a more positive and introspective lifestyle.



Your membership will grant you discounted access to our regular online writing workshops. You will have the opportunity to absorb new ideas, meet new members and make deeper connections through your reflective writing journey. 


Writers' space

Challenge your creativity and share this with others in our community who are on the same journey. Share and receive constructive critique as you develop as a reflective writer.


Writing Resources

Challenge yourself, at your own pace, to uncover your deeper identity, needs and wants; daily, weekly or whatever pace is best for you.


Why Current Members Love The BlackScript...
And Why You Will Too

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    "Chiugo poses fascinating thought provoking questions that enabled me to fully contemplate on the status of women and topic of race and discrimination. I am grateful to have taken part and thank The BlackScript for an incredible opportunity to study a beautifully written text with wonderful avid readers like myself!" ~ Mabel 

    "The BlackScript has been a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people, have open conversations and have fun reading! Discussing race, identity and femininity helped me to open up to some new concepts and learn about others’ experiences!" ~ Gemma

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    "…despite not knowing the other ladies, it didn't matter- [The BlackScript] is a safe space to discuss whatever thoughts I had about the book." ~ Bukky 

    "I’m loving The BlackScript. Chi is a great and prepared host, she challenges us with great questions and quotes ready to spur the discussion on and forward. The book club sessions are an hour but they pass by so quickly. The conversations are great. It’s a nice opportunity to hear different points of view." ~ Nadia 

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Subscribe Today and Get Your First Month Free

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*Get your first month free when you sign up today



  • Private groups:  Join other members groups or create your own

  • Reflective writing: Worksheets and resources, daily prompts, thinking tasks

  • Ongoing: Monthly live writing workshops and events you can attend 

  • Story features every month: Get your story featured on our website for an entire month, and vote for your favourite

  • Book clubs: Get a deeper understanding of your favourite literature with friends

  • Refining skills: Courses, quizzes, questionnaires, writing tasks

  • Blog: Start storytelling, create posts and build an audience




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*Get your first month free when you sign up today


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"Social media never felt like a safe space... just a fragmented group of people trying to be heard. Now, I can quickly connect with people on a deeper level. We have similar passions... " (member)

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